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Basic Pathfinding

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    Basic Pathfinding


    I'm new to BluePrint, and i tried to make a simple path finding using the blueprint. Unfortunately, there is (or i can't find) no tuto on the subject and no documentation on blueprint AI system....

    I would like have a capsule who try to follow my character, i tried a lot of thing using this link. I followed the "difficult method" and the "easy method" of Lukasz Furman. But i was unable to move this capsule.

    Here is a screenshoot of one of my try :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	BP1.PNG
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ID:	1134439

    This BP print on screen : "3" and this "3" correspond to the "Aborded" status in the EPathFollowinResult enum.

    Note : this BP was code without AI doc, so it's maybe a very very bad blueprint for path finding

    I hope somebody will be able to answer me .

    Ps : There is BluePrint reference web site ? with all blueprint definition ? (like for cpp).

    Replace "move to" with "simple move to"
    Add "Nav Mesh Bounds Volume" to your level and build it.
    Bots/AI will never move to area that has no navigation info, and if you do not place nav mesh nothing has it.


      It's work, thank you

      Just to know, what is the difference between "AIMoveTo" and "MoveTo" ? And why AIMoveTo don't work ?

      If somebody can answer, it's will be helpfull for my BP IA comprehension.

      But the most important thing : My problem is solved thx