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Simple Flying Move to. How can this be achieved.

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    So I would get actor Transform, Location + Rotation * Delta Time * Vector - Would that be Get last Input Input Vector.

    Nah, I am lost LOL, sorry, thanks for the help anyhow.

    I thought it would be like.

    Press Q - Add Local Relative Location
    Press E - Ditto but a Negative.

    A & D would be the same the the Relative Location would be left or right.

    I think I am on the wrong track here.


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    I will see if I can convert that to BPs

    Cheers for the response.


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    You can get actor's forward, right and up vector(cross product of forward and right vectors).

    You can move the pawn in any vectors direction like this:
        SetActorLocation(GetActorLocation() + Direction * DeltaTime * Speed); //Direction should be normalized - It can be up vector, forward vector or any other vector
    I hope this is what you were looking for.

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  • started a topic Simple Flying Move to. How can this be achieved.

    Simple Flying Move to. How can this be achieved.

    Hi All

    As a basic, all I want to to is have the player move in the Direction of the cross hairs when press W.

    I do not want to start deconstructing the Flyer Template.

    Just if I look down, he starts flying down. Look up fly up (Mouse).

    If I look Left and right, I would clamp it and person starts to turn left and right.

    I would like A & D to Strafe left and Right

    Q & E top go Directly Up and Down in relative.

    This will be a 0g world.

    At this point, I am not worried about roll, but later That would achieved maybe achieved with Z & C down the track, just movement for now.

    Is this achievable in the 1st or 3rd Person Template.

    I know how to set movement to flying and affect Gravity, but not luck from there on in.

    With Regards