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Vanishing effect with Blueprints?

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    Vanishing effect with Blueprints?

    Hello everyone, I´m using UE4 for architecture purposes, so I create a famous house, and my idea was to create a text, as you can see in the image, and when the player collide a trigger box, make it disappear. Thats not difficult, but I would like to make it slowly disappear, a vanishing effect.

    I tried to use a timeline together with "toggle visibility", but I´m not sure how to use the timeline in this case, or even if is the way to solve this problem at all.

    Any help?

    Click image for larger version

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    You need to choose/create a material for the text which is Translucent, create a scalar parameter which controls opacity, and modulate it in a dynamic material instance.

    Unless this is a Widget, in which case I believe the opacity can be directly accessed as a variable of the text widget and then adjusted.

    In any case, the Timeline should have a float curve which goes from 1 to 0 connected to this opacity value (either the widget var or the material instance parameter) in a Set function, which is called by the update pin. Thus every frame while the Timeline runs, the value in question will receive the new value from the Timeline's curve, slowly moving its opacity from 1 to 0.

    EDIT: If you find this too complicated, you might try simply placing the text floating in the world as an object, with a one-sided material. Then as the player moves forward, he will move past the text and be unable to see it from the other side. Obviously not the same effect but much simpler to set up and looks pretty nifty (and honestly, more "modern" than a simple fade-out). Just a thought.
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      You could also make a material with a "didssolve map" that gtes controlled by your curve and then plug it into the alpha channel of the text. This way you can even control how the Vanishing effect will look like.


        Thanks for the comments, I will try what you said; anyway, I finally made it simple, as RhythmScript said, and I just make the text move toward the character as the character move toward the house. I will show you the video!


          I made this video, just to show how is it going. I am having some problems compiling the game, but I will post it when I achieve it.


            Out of curiosity, what is in the middle of the house? Behind the wall.

            Great-looking architecture, very sparse. Glass walls.


              Just the bathroom, and I think some wardrobes also.