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How to move an object to player

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    FWIW, using the "move component to" node shouldn't really be necessary with such a setup and may be costing extra. With 0 for time its basically a "set location" node anyways.
    Ryan Brucks
    Principal Technical Artist, Epic Games


      yay, victory~!


        Ahh Thanks RyanB. Have sorted that!


          I made a quick version for pickups for a prototype like this before, but I didn't use the move component for it. I find it easier to use a basic lerp and timeline for something like this. You can also update it during the tick and interp toward the player but that doesn't move over a specific time, so if you want to control time the lerp is better.

          Because the player can move while we lerp it isn't perfect but feel free to use it if you'd like. Here is what it looks like in action:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Pickup_Blueprint.png
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          I have both the collision sphere and the static mesh collision set to overlap all and the sphere event kicks off to have it move to the player, once the static mesh overlaps the player or it finishes the timeline it destroys it and you would add to your points or inventory, etc.

          I have an image of the the timeline attached, I just did an exaggerated ease in for it but you can set it up how ever you'd like and however long you want it.

          *EDIT: Looks like you guys figured it out as I posted this! Haha, glad its working
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