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(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

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    Hi, Rama -

    I'm having difficulty using your plugin - Could you help me out? How should I use "Load string from file"? I get the txt file and plug it into the file path -> but the "result" has no value-> therefore I have nothing to "Parse into Array". This is a simple setup, but it does not recognize my selected file.


      Hi Rama,

      I encountered a crash in your VictoryBPFunctionLibrary.cpp.


      if I pass in an EXR file, it will crash in line

      FMemory::Memcpy(TextureData, UncompressedBGRA.GetData(), UncompressedBGRA.Num());

      for TextureData is made of 8 bit but EXR data is usually more than 16 bit.

      I modified

      ImageWrapper->GetRaw(ERGBFormat::RGBA, 8, UncompressedBGRA) to

      ImageWrapper->GetRaw(ERGBFormat::RGBA, bitDepth, UncompressedBGRA)
      the program passed.

      Another question is, I fed the final UTexture2D into HDRIBackdrop it became all white, for it needs TextureCube?
      Is it possible for Victory_LoadTexture2D_FromFile to get UTextureCube instead?




        Originally posted by hwacookie View Post

        did you ever get this sorted out?
        I also tried to remove the plugin, and even though I'm pretty sure that it's not used anymore, it still crashes upon next restart of the project. :-(

        Kind regards,


        BTW: does anybody have an idea how to check where a specific plugin is used aside from "look through all blueprints that you can open"?
        Yes, it was a pain but it crashes cause there are some functions form this plugin that still in your blueprint. When crashes we find what class cause the crash and i look in this class for rama nodes.
        I dont know better alternative for that. Try to remember what rama nodes you used and look for them in find mode with binoculars icon