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    Hoping someone here can help me out.

    I am using the AI Move To With Filter node. The node itself is working, but any delays I am putting before or after it in the BP function are not. A breakpoint on the delay stops execution correctly, but it is like the delay actually never happens.

    I have the Move To With Filter node in a looping BP function. When the function ends, it calls itself again. The delay should happen after the Move To, the AI pawn should stop while the delay fires, and then should begin moving again. Currently it immediately picks a new point on the nav mesh and begins the move immediately.

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyone know how I can get the delay to actually work with this node?



      Upon further inspection it seems to be because this node is not setup as a Latent action. (no latent in the meta for the declaration) Currently trying to find if there is a way to modify it to be latent or not.


        Dear Rama,

        victory create proc

        sorry , i am not really sure how to use the node,

        Full Path Of Program to Run: my file(bat.exe,png......) Path?

        and what`s Commandline Arg Should I to put in?



          Originally posted by ppaawwll View Post
          I might just be stupid, but when using the Create Proc node, which types of files can be run and where do I need to put the file so I can run it from the PIE and possibly packaged game so it doesn't matter what directory the game itself in, and where does it look when I just type in, like, "c:\\msgbox.vbs" or something?
          hi ,

          did you find it?
          I have the same problems


            Originally posted by zefeeer View Post
            Good day! Help solve the problem with Scene Capture 2D Save image. It seems to have done everything correctly, the function should be processed immediately after launching the game, but the destination folder is empty. What could be the problem?
            Hi, recently I have also been researching the problem of saving pictures and found this blueprint method. At first I couldn't use this method properly, then I read the C++ source code and found the possible problem according to the comments of Rama.

            In Texture Render Target 2D, you need to set the Render Target Format to RTF RGBA8. This setting defaults to RTF RGBA16f


              Thank you Rama, this is Epic.
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                Hi Ramma
                i'm using matlab to develop an application which receives the file path of an image and returns the diagnosis/classification result to the user when the player presses a key in the game.
                I found , for now, three ways if I am not wrong.
                1. use a blueprint function library in the code and expose it to the blueprint. This doesn't work for me though I still don't know why because it opens other applications from the system like notpad and internet explorer. It tries to open my application but stops saying "too many inputs"
                2. compile the matlab function to C++ shared library to generate .dll .lib .h and other files to be used in the C++ source code. the problem I faced for this technique is I don't know exactly how to link and use these files in my code. in unreal there is no way to link other files in the visual studio
                3. the last option is to use your plugin. I think you used the first technique above to create the plugin. I want to try it but I don't know what commandline Args mean.
                so my question is
                1. can you explain how to use the plugin in blueprints
                2. Can you help me in finding a solution for my case please if you think the plugin can't fix it? like using the 2nd technique I mentioned above or any other way you might have


                  Hi Rama!
                  Before anything i wanted to thank you for your amazing work helping everyone, i´ve found your wiki post about the turn in place anim node

                  And was looking for ways to update it to newer versions of the engine, but i cant figure it out. would be amazing if you give me some guidelines to make it work with ue4.18.
                  I´ve fixed some minor stuff and get it to have no errors, but when compiling i get a Compile Error code 5 (Other compiling errors)
                  I'm kind of lost and would really like to have this working!

                  Thanks in advance!


                    hello Rama,
                    can you help me out please ?
                    I have an application made using matlab. I want to run it in ue4 when the player presses a key. I want to use your plugin but I don't know the details of the nodes. especially the "commandline Args". can you explain that node please?
                    Thanks for your time!


                      Hi Rama!
                      First of all thanks a lot for all you have done for the community!

                      I would like to know if you would ever update the VictoryEdEngine to 4.21 or above. I am currently struggling with a project with countless meshes (mechanical pieces from datasmith) and I would love to use your plugin in order to create a single instanced mesh for the different parts of the machine.
                      Would be possible to have the same functionality applied to Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes?

                      Thanks again
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                        Hello Im having an issue where in the VictoryBPFunctionLibrary.cpp it wont package my project for Windows with the error
                        VictoryBPFunctionLibrary.cpp{4552} errorC2065: 'FVorbisAudioInfo' undeclared identifier
                        and then tells me that vorbis_obj is missing the syntax of ';' but after reviewing the code it seems solid, and shouldnt be giving me this error. Would anybody know why this is happening? I'm on 4.22 preview ( I know this is preview and would expect problems but honestly I'm having trouble understanding why this would be causing problems now)


                          To be depending on VictoryBPFunctionLibrary is very bad. Every time UE4 are upgraded, this library have to be updated as well.
                          I'm using a fraction of this lib and everything else I deleted, and since then I never have any problems when upgrading UE4.


                            Originally posted by Swe08 View Post
                            To be depending on VictoryBPFunctionLibrary is very bad. Every time UE4 are upgraded, this library have to be updated as well.
                            I'm using a fraction of this lib and everything else I deleted, and since then I never have any problems when upgrading UE4.
                            That's true, but unfortunately, when you work on projects you started when you didn't know anything, it is very hard to remove the dependencies on this library.


                              Hey everyone,

                              I'm currently using this plugin for my upcoming project. Everything works fine on Windows, but after migrating it over to Mac I'm running into a strange error that I am unsure how to fix. XCode throws this error everytime I load up a level or open a blueprint, even a blank one:

                              [2019.03.29-13.42.39:998][170]LogMac: Assertion failed: Assertion failed: NewOperatorInputA [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4+Release-4.16+Compile/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/BlueprintGraph/Private/K2Node_CommutativeAssociativeBinaryOperator.cpp] [Line: 287]
                              Reason I believe VictoryPlugin is causing this is due to researching the issue and seeing a couple other Answerhub queries about it, and also a post in this very thread. Engine version is 4.16, which I realize is a bit old, but unsure why it wouldn't work anyway. I've also attempted disabling the plugin but the issue persists.
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                                Hi there! Any news on when we will be getting a 4.22 release? thanks!