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Particles emitted from car wheels - Headache

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    Particles emitted from car wheels - Headache

    Hi, I know how noobs can be annoying but I ve really tried all the thread and topics around attached to sockets particles over the past days and I couldn t find out where I m mistaken.

    So here's my problem, I have a simple rigged car moving, sockets attached to both back tires.
    When I attach a particle system to the sockets, it works fine in the preview,
    My car is now spawned by a player character controller. (If the terminology is correct), I ve followed the documentation on how to attach a particle system to a socket by adding a location module and a dynamic parameter, but the particles seem to attach only to an actor in the scene, not to the cotroller.
    I ve then tried to spawn attached particles in my car BP, it attaches fine, but it's Parented to the wheel. I mean, the particles are emitted but the whole particle system is attached to the socket, including the emitted particles, giving me headache (;
    SO i ve tried to add, in the particle system a emitter initial location parametter, but couldnt make it work.
    I m sure that it s very easy to do, and i m a little bit confused to ask, but an answer would really help.
    Thank you in advance.