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Hacking - how to prevent?

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    I think the most vulnerable point in games are values, stored in variables. If you prevent the values from appearing directly in the variables and calculations, hackers can't see the values they are looking for, then they don't have a spot to inject values from the clientside. Improving complexity might in this case help you to cast a shadow above your important values, but you won't be able to make it 100% safe, even if you change your methods according to values that are only known to the server. But you can give hackers a hard time, they might be motivated to find profit another way more quickly and keep away from your game
    Ofc you have to combine various methods that have been mentioned in this thread so far, to guarantee the highest possible security.


      Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
      Hack provider 'companies' hook right into DirectX API, they don't even have to reverse your game code to make bots. If your game is a generic FPS, a simple tweek to their 'engine' and your game is hacked in minutes.

      Reasons why I have no interest working on indie multiplayer.
      Same here, working as an indie (or hobbyist or whatever) on a multiplayer game will most likely lead you to you falling on your face. Many indie multiplayer games suffer from this, since there is no way of preventing cheats. In a generic FPS you could check the players reaction time and look out for suspicious actions (inhumane reaction time or following another player through the wall for an extended period of time for example), but this will also lead to a bunch of false-positives. I think the FairFight AC did that and got flamed for being too strict.
      You can prevent certain types of hacking like unlimited ammo or god mode by making the server calculate everything, so basically leaving the client with the rendering and input only. But that won't stop ESPs, Aimbots, Triggers or alike.

      Basically there is no way to prevent hacking 100% and as an indie you will have to be lucky to get the most obvious sorted out.


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