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blueprint newbie rotate a cube

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    blueprint newbie rotate a cube

    hi how i can rotate a cube via blueprint, im newbie and i need to know, here my first blueprint:

    Click image for larger version

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    What behavior are you seeing from that? Does it do anything at all?

    I'd suggest changing it from running on Begin Play to running on a keypress event. You can do this by right clicking the graph on an empty area and then typing a key and finding the Pressed event for it (e.g., for K it'd be "K Pressed" in the list). Drag the pin from that to your Add Actor World Rotation node and replace the wire from Begin Play.

    Then when you're in game (and attached to a character) press the key and see if your box rotates.
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      You may want to try replacing begin play with event tick, or alternatively you can look at the timeline docs and have it on a looping timeline.


        Yup event tick instead of begin play. Then watch tutorial/example about "InterpTo".

        InterpTo nodes are great for looping rotating etc. Best way to check if something is near destination is "nearly equal" node, works better for Float numbers than simple compare.
        Also Interpto nodes will free you from burden of calculating "which direction" is correct one (ie, no more worries about should i add or substract?).

        So on event tick connect "delta seconds" start and end and "interpto constant" for constant rotation.
        Also if you just add like 45 or 90 to value you interptoing and set it as target value, it will spin forever.

        One more thing InterpTo are fps independent, you will not get faster/slower spinning on high or low fps, which you will get with simple add.


          They actually provided some info about making a custom component that does this in the latest release info. Search for 'spinner' and you'll see it.