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Top-Down game: Bug with control when teleporting

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    Top-Down game: Bug with control when teleporting

    Hey y'all. Bit of an issue with controls in my game, and I have a feeling I'm missing a few bits in my blueprint, but I've no idea what they could be!

    I'm currently using the top-down pre-set for my game, and have chosen to use fixed camera angles. For this reason, I have chose to use triggerboxes to teleport the player from one room to the next (to avoid control-related frustration).
    Here's my top blueprint at the moment. The opening sequence/matinee isn't currently plugged in, so on event begin play, the camera instantly switches to room one camera.
    Here's the bottom of my blueprint. The top teleport matinee plugs into Room 2 Camera's 'set view Target with Blend', so when teleported, the camera switches. The bottom teleport matinee takes the camera back to room 1.

    The teleport works! The camera switches! However, there's a problem, in that when teleported, my character turns around and walks backward (toward the last place which was clicked, the teleporter that sent them there). At this point I've lost all control of the character, no matter how much I click.
    Other issue, might be related, not sure, but if I move the Player Start to second room, and press play (with event begin play plugged into room 2 camera), I've found it doesn't work to begin with (character won't move when I click)
    I'm totally stumped guys. I have a feeling it's cause of the the type of game it is (top-down), and something I need to do because of this. But I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance!
    EDIT: Turns out this was a result of the 'NavigationMeshBoundsVolume' not being big enough.
    Last edited by rooriiuk; 03-04-2015, 07:49 PM. Reason: Found the solution

    I am glad you managed to fix it =)

    Can you append [Solved] to your title (so that people can know already that there is a fix)

    Happy coding!