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Change visibility mesh object with button

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    Thanks a lot Fen, managed to get your second method to work! Will give the first one a go tomorrow which seems a bit more complicated.
    Not quite sure I'm completely understanding why it works without all the casting / direct communication but it's great to see something happen now

    Thanks for the tip will look into that. The only place I'm using the Get Player Controller now is in the level blueprint to enable the mouse to click the button
    Click image for larger version

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      Happy that helped you ^^ If you need more explanations, don't hesitate to come back asking.

      @ DSursely : Button is in a widget, not a blueprint set in level. But you are true that if it was a blueprint in level it would be needed.
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        Hi Fen ,
        Thank you very much, second method works for me.
        My problem was : 1. Get all 2. minimal blueprint on static mesh -for show in list/