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Reactivate Particle System and start from 0 again

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    This is an old thread, but did you find a solution?

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  • Reactivate Particle System and start from 0 again

    Hey, I have a particle system (or 2) and if activate it, it unfortunately does not start from 0 but from somewhere "in the middle". Particle System is just some smoke, imagine something like a smoke grenade. I activate the system (set active true, reset true) and it starts with already much smoke there, I want it to slowly start spawning more and more smoke. This is what I use for activating and deactivating the smoke:

    Click image for larger version

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    And by the way, another question: At the moment I want to have white smoke, but it is only lit from the sun. So if I view it from the side the sun is shining on the smoke, it looks white. If I look at it from the opposite side, it looks black because it does not receive light. In reality, smoke would scatter the light from the sun and still look white. How would I achieve this?