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Restart at end of matinee?

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    Restart at end of matinee?

    I was wondering if someone has some experience doing this?

    I have a matinee cut scene and wish to return to the menu or beginning of the level upon the scene ending. Is t possible to do this in the matinee or is it performed within the blueprint?

    I have no AI within the level, so there is no player death involved.

    After some feedback, I have been told to create a Matinee Controller for Matinee Actor and then an Execute Console Command node, plug it to Finished output and type Restart in Command section.

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    I have included a couple of screen shots of the blueprints. Once the cinematic's have finished. The player stands stationary where the first trigger is and is unable to move because of the disabled input. Surely this would be nothing to do with being able to restart the level though?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't know if you fixed this or not, but I have a similar setup. In the matinee, I added an Event Track, and scrolled through the timeline, near the end of my animation. Make sure the event track is selected and hit enter to set a keyframe, and call it "Restart" or whatever you want. In the blueprint, with the matinee selected, right click and select "Create a matinee controller for [x]". You need to make sure the event keyframe you added shows up. Sometimes I have trouble getting it to show up, so sometimes I'll delete the keyframe and key in another somewhere earlier in my timeline ,and just right click to change it to which frame I originally intended for it to go to. Plug that into your Execute Console command. I used "RestartLevel".

    I'm not sure what you're wanting to do with the End Cinematic portion of the blueprint, but the restart portion should work.

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