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    FPS Projectile or Instant Hit...

    I have just finished making the FPS Template network enabled, this includes Replicated Projectiles and Replicated Muzzle Flashes. It all works very well and I am pleased with the result, but now I am at the stage where I need to start doing different weapons.

    The various weapons I have are as follows:
    • Ryder - 9mm Pistol
    • Duke - .45 Pistol
    • Ryder - 7.62 Assault Rifle
    • Ryder Grenade Launcher - 203 Grenades
    • Mamba - 5.56 Sniper Rifle
    • Disposition - 12 Gauge Shotgun
    • Ender - Rocket Launcher

    So my question is: should these weapons all be set up as projectiles or should they (except for the rocket launcher and grenade launcher) be instant hit weapons?

    If projectiles, what are the best settings to use for these types of weapons and are there any things I should watch out for?

    Any help, as usual, is greatly appreciated. As stated I am using the FPS template that I have no fully network enabled and I am running this in 4.6.1.
    Quinton Delpeche
    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard

    Depends on level of realism you are going for.
    Making everything projectiles allows the bullets to be affected by gravity, drag etc.
    Tracing/hitscan, not so much and there is no travel time.
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      It also depends on the size of your maps, how big the environment is. If you are making a corridor or arena based game than hitscan is fine, but if you are making a sprawling environment than you may need the simulated time for a pistol. You also need to take into account network considerations. Lag affects projectiles even more so than hitscan. You'll need custom prediction code for client based projectiles.


        Well it is a Arena style game but I wanted to keep the realism of projectiles ... it just feels right. I guess I will see how it goes and do some metrics and monitoring of performance.

        At the moment everything seems to be running okay and I am not picking up any issues, I plan on doing a more robust test with multiple players in the near future.

        I think if there are issues, I will then convert the projectile weapons to instant hit weapons.

        Thanks Kris and dzeligman for the advice and information. 8-}

        Now all I have to do is sort out my offset issue that I am having ... linkety ... 8-}
        Quinton Delpeche
        Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard