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    Originally posted by mpie View Post
    Add a variable to the blueprint that represents the selected talent. When you click on a button you set that variable.
    Then when you click apply you do different stuff depending on the value of the variable.

    Some additional points:
    - You could put the different talents into an enum
    - Try not to modify your player state in the UMG widget. Add functions to your player that you call from your UMG widget. If you keep all your player related modifications in your player blueprint it will help you later on.

    Here an example setup with enums. The buttons are generated automatically and you can add new talents by changing the Talent enum.
    The player has a method "ApplyTalent" that you can modify to handle the changes.
    I don't really understand your example. What makes the buttons get placed into the Verticle Box?. Also is there a way to make them be placed in a certain way other then just verticle. Something like this is my end goal.

    Click image for larger version

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      Would it be easier to make a seperate widget just for this system?. Because i have spent hours trying to place these how i want the to be placed inside of a "Grid Panel" But i'm doing something wrong or its buggy because sometimes i cannot even move the buttons. And when i do move the buttons they all end up resetting or jumping ending up somewhere i did not place them.


        The grid is buggy in 4.6, should be fixed in 4.7.


          Is it fixed in the preview build?. Becuase it still seems buggy.


            I have a couple different working skill trees working with a grid in 4.7p7 so I can confirm they are working well.
            Movable Widgets