I have a very specific question about two Behavior Tree variants I am working with. I am just trying to have a simple setup where an AI controlled pawn moves from start location and then cycle between waypoint 1 and 2.

This is a snapshot of the one that doesn't work. The sequence on the left is even labeled 0-1-2. Instead it just goes to the first moveto and then switches to idle. It never hits the wait or second moveto under the "Go To Guard" Sequence
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This snapshot works in that it cycles between the two waypoints. However, it never highlights the wait under "Go To Guard". It also pauses weirdly between waypoints.
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I have a simple AI controller that just has the Run Behavior Tree Node. I've seen tutorial setups like mine or where they control the movement all in an Event Graph. It's tough to determine what's considering the best practice or what the tradeoffs between the two approaches are.

I would appreciate any insight into my specific problem and/or guidance to best practices at large.