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How to set 'Play Rate' for backward animation movement?

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    How to set 'Play Rate' for backward animation movement?

    Attempting to play a walk animation backward when the character walks, backwards.. As simple as it seems, cant get it working. Everything I've read discusses 'Play Rate' but not how to Set the 'Play Rate'.

    Ive gone ahead and created a float, PlayRate, and checked the BlendSpaces PlayRate pin, then plugged the PlayRate float into the PlayRate pin.

    Here Im attempting/failing to Set the PlayRate float. Clearly something isnt working.. if someone could enlighten me as to what that something is, I would be rather grateful to say the least.

    Aren't you just supposed to set the play rate to minus 1. What I did was copy an existing animation and then set the play rate on that animation. I got marginal success with it ... but eventually threw it out for a proper animation.

    I must point out that I never tried it through blueprints like you ... I physically copied the animation in the editor and then set the animation properties in the editor and saved it.

    Quinton Delpeche
    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard