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sample material function at specific coordinates?

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    sample material function at specific coordinates?

    I have a material function generating waves

    I'd like to sample the height of the waves at specific points relative to an intersecting actor

    ... How might I do this in a blueprint? probably obvious, but Im a noob, apologies


    To clarify:

    - ive set up a material function to generate Gerstner waves (thanks Handkor)
    - In order to mimic bouyancy and have objects sliding down waves Id like to sample the wave height at points relative to the floating object's centre
    - Im trying to do it in blueprints

    Q how can you sample the output of a material function at specific points, in a blueprint?

    i.e. return (value of property x) from material function(MF_given) at (x,y)

    Ive trawled the documentation and you would think that it would be a fairly common thing to do,
    but I cant see it

    One way is to use a RenderTarget, but I gather but this is expensive
    [PS I am aware of the excellent work at the and have also posted this question there]

    Perhaps it cannot be done in only a blueprint, requires code?
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