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Can't edit child class' Components

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    Can't edit child class' Components

    - wasnt sure where to post this, thought i'd do it here in case someone has experienced this and has a good work around

    Why is it I can't edit a child class' Components ?
    Is it something that will be available? (if so, when ?)

    basically, I've created a parent class which has 2 box components, which on level spawn generate X numbers of actors inside them
    my plan was to then create different child class of this parent, where I could move the boxes around and their sizes

    what would be my best approach ?

    Maybe you could add two Transform variables, and set them to be Editable and set them to show the transform gizmo. In the Construction Script, use their values to set the transform of the box components.

    This way, whenever you place the main blueprint in the level, you can modify the position, rotation and scale of those two boxes for that specific instance using the level editor's transform gizmo, without needing child BPs at all?
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      Do your function in parent with variables (number of spawns and location) and in each child (click inherited variables) set variables.
      Even, do an empty component and set it in child (have a look at mixamo's characters parent / children character mesh to see how doiing it)