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tower defence spawning towers

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    tower defence spawning towers

    I am creating a tower defence and it a dead end i can't in the life of me figure out how to spawn my towers the way i want them
    ill give a description of what i am looking for. I have rocks that when the player clicks on them my umg UI opens so the player can select 1 out 4 or so
    towers i am stuck at this part.. i want to then if the player clicks the tower 1 the rock the player has selected gets destroyed and the tower spawns in its place
    i have tried creating this in the umg graph, the level blueprint and the rock blueprint and cant get any results besides me finding i can destroy the rock in the level blueprint with any key attached to destroy actor so my guessing is i need to use the level blueprint... any help will be very appreciated

    Answerhub reference
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