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    Out of curiosity, did this die or continue on elsewhere? Really don't want to jump ship to Unity at this point in development but I have a strong desire for procedural terrain.


      I ended up doing it on Unity and built a bunch of products - Gaia, Gena and Pegasus and now make my living out of what i make by selling them on the unity asset store.!/content/42618!/content/74407!/content/65397

      Gaia is the primary one - and generally is among the top 10 most popular assets on the store. It's currently being rewritten and will support multi tile / very large world generation and some sophisticated erosion and a bunch of other terrain deformation capabilities. I am also bringing it all to GPU Compute, so all this will be possible in real time.

      Gaia has lots of export options, and if there is anything else that an Unreal environment needs I am happy to create it. This would mean you could do the generation in Unity, and then use whatever your normal workflow is in Unreal.

      I will consider porting at some point, but need to get Gaia 2 out first. This is 1-2 months away.
      Creating procedural world generation tools