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How to create a Node with a Target and a Float

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    How to create a Node with a Target and a Float

    Hello UE Community,

    I'm new on Unreal Engine 4 and currently I need some Help to realize an easy thing ^^. I want to create a "target" and a "Float" in the same node like below.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	UE4_Float.png
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    If some can let me know how I can do it I'll really appreciate It.


    Capsule half height is a property of that capsule component. To get or set it drag a line from that blue capsule component variable(or whichever component in a blueprint) then type the name of the property you want to modify and you'll see get/set nodes for it.

    And welcome to the forums!
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      Like you say it's a property and now it's working for me
      Thank you so much Jacky