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    Dynamic ToolTip Text

    Im need some advice about texts, how to make it change dynamically with player stats. for example my tooltip says the next

    Fireball spell: Hurls a fiery ball that causes 2000 Fire damage.

    but its a pre-written static text, the real damage number is scaling with the player stats like 'Spell Power'
    so i have to make something like this

    Fireball spell: Hurls a fiery ball that causes $BaseDamage+(BaseDamage*SpellPower%) Fire damage.

    any tip how to make it via BP? i have to use rich text or something else?

    Hi Markidi

    You can make dynamic text in unreal widgets.

    Make a widget, in the graph, add a text box , and in the detail of this textbox,
    search for the Text and next to it there is a Create binding , you will end up in a special graph where you can : plug your own variables, or add reference to others actors variables.
    You can build a message with some strings and append and int , and save it in the text string of the Widget,
    and that will be shown as text if you bing this variable to the textwidget

    Here a video , jump to 3min 50 secs