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Multicast not showing on Server

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    Multicast not showing on Server


    I have watches all the Tutorials about networking from Epic but I can't get this right and working.

    Click image for larger version

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    I am trying to Multicast to the AnimationBlueprint when the Player Starts and Ends to Move around to play the required Animations. So This Event needs to be mostly only fired once in a while, depending on how much the player Starts and Stops moving.
    The Problem is that when the "Server" Moves around I get the print :

    Server 1: Move: true/false
    Client 1: Move: true/false

    and the Server aswell as the Client can see the Animation are getting played correctly, so everything perfect here. But when I move on the Client it only prints:

    Client1: Move: true/false

    and the Server can't see the Animation being played on the Client only the client doing the Animation can see it on itself, but shouldn't Multicast get the Event from the Client and Play it for itself and all other Clients?
    I don't really understand why this isn't working can someone help me why this is the case?
    "Multicast events are called on the server and are executed on the server and all connected clients."

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      Thanks for all those links, it definetly helped me understanding a bit more but unfortunatly I still wasn't able to fix my Problem. I have changed my whole Setup like this:

      Click image for larger version

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      As Soon as the Pawn is moveing it checks if it is the Server or Not. When It is the Server it sends out a Multicast Event, everyone gets the Info, the Server also gets the Info and everyone is happy.
      If it is a Client however it Sets the "Moveing" Bool from the AnimationBlueprint to the New Value to make sure the Client who played the Animation sees It all the Time and isn't reliant of the Server.
      Then It triggers a RunOnServer Event.

      Click image for larger version

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      This Run on Server Event just makes a Save Check if it really has Authority and than executes the function called "PlayonServerMove".

      Click image for larger version

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      In this function it first gets the Value out of the AnimationBlueprint and changes it to the opposite Value with a Multicast (because this is now the server operating the Event it should be send to everyone since its a Multicast).

      Click image for larger version

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      Just to Check stuff I am Printing the Bool Value stored in the AnimationBlueprint to check if it actually has changed.

      When I then Test it (in this example with 1 Server and 2 Clients) and move on Client 2 I get this:

      Click image for larger version

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      First of the ClientItself get changed to True which is correct since I put it so that It will always get changed no matter the Results of what comes after
      The Server also gets called and Changed to says that It has changed the AnimationBlueprint Value to "true" aswell spit out the normal "Move: true" String.
      But still Client 1 is not getting anything although it was done with a Multicast and still the Server doesn't see any Animations played on Client 2.

      Click image for larger version

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      Here you can see What happens when the Server moves. Everything works just fine here and Server aswell as Clients are getting informed and can see the
      Animation played by the Server.

      but I simply can't get my head around why this isn't working since It cleary states that the Server is working and recieving and changeing the Values and
      then performing the same Multicast Event that worked when the Servers Pawn used it.
      What am I doing wrong? I read a lot about it and this is for sure not the best way to do it, but still, why isn't this working?
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        You definitely need to read the link again.
        Especially what I linked as Must Read.

        Then, I posted a huge post on another thread about replication, was intended to write a wiki and a upgrade version for Network_Features level for content examples.
        Time is tight, so please search my posts.
        Unreal Engine 4 Game Framework diagram for relation of all major base object types
        Unreal Engine 4 Input Event diagram, scroll down to section Input Processing Procedural
        Resident Evil Classic Camera
        RPCs official document, Must Read
        Everything you should know about replication