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Networking turn based game question

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    Networking turn based game question


    I'm prototyping a turn based party game (Something like Mario Party) each client have a turn per round, so only one Client can perform an action at the time, How can I make only one client show an option menu to perform an action while the other clients wait? I assume that the the client turn is decided by the server, but how can I store all the clients and call a function only in one of them from server?

    Thanks in advance!
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    each client it's a player controller, Each client has a HUD even the listen server but the dedicated does not do you get it or need more help?
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      via On Join, you get the PlayerController of the joined Client.
      Ask if the Function caller has authority (=is server) and store the PlayerController inside an array.
      Via multicast you can enable/disable UI, possessions and bindings to the Client at Turn.
      after finishing the turn, call the server function to switch ui and bindings again, to the next PC index.

      It's a bit complicated to tell.. We are working on a Turn based (advance Wars) like Game, mixed with Realtime elements.