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UE 4.23 BUG Report - Widget function & Tick not updating at distance, please help!

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    UE 4.23 BUG Report - Widget function & Tick not updating at distance, please help!

    Hi, i created a simple widget with a text box in UE 4.23, i just binded this text to a function, it uses "get all actor of class" to take a value and change the text, simple stuff, nothing fancy, it Works perfect at locations close to default: 0,0,0, updating that value everytime it changes, but my problem starts when i move my player to a far location in the level

    New location: 266976.3125, -69310.75, 45727.871094

    At this world location, widget stops updating values, i tested if it Works by using a "print string" and it does tick every second, but it doesn´t update the text with the value; does it mean widgets can´t update information after been far in the map? what can i do?

    Please urgent help!
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    Perhaps post a blueprint screenshot?


      Fixed, it was actually a mistake, i used "get al actors of class" then used a "get" node…………………….. but get nodes only refer to BP ID cero "get 0" so it was reading the first BP wich was not changing, i had to make that BP to send its current value to my main carácter, so all BP change it in there, then take the value from player, that fixed the problem.

      No idea why i used "get al actors of class and get" it´s kind of useless, in UE you never now the correct ID number of a BP in the outliner, no idea why UE devs haven´t fixed this issue, you have to guess all the time, because sometims that ID has text or the number jumps from ID5 to ID 400 weird, its a guessing task, wich makes "get" useless because it always bring back the "0" variables.
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