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Help - Access none - Timer Over 2+Levels

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    Help - Access none - Timer Over 2+Levels

    Can anyone help me with this? I'm trying to make a timer, but want it to run over other levels, there is probably a much more efficient way of doing it than just a delay but I cba to search around basic tutorials that I have done before and was little/no help. So timing is off a bit anyway due to lag I think, but I attached the two variables to a text box binding(format text etc.) and it just shows up as 0 : 0 forever, I removed the gameinstance bit and just used the game mode blueprints variable s and that worked (thought won't carry over as character resets I think?). Anyway any help at all will be appreciated or links to good tutorials.

    You should try getting the game instance on begin play, casting it, then saving it to a variable. Right click on the return value of the cast node and choose 'promote to variable'.

    Right now, you're trying to access two variables from your GI BEFORE you actually get the GI. You also definitely don't need to get it every frame, just once at the beginning will do it!
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