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mesh velocity and frame rate limiting

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    mesh velocity and frame rate limiting

    This post has 2 parts which are somewhat interconnected as I'm trying to create 2 separate effects, but I can see they might affect each other depending on how it is achieved.
    The fist part is creating a frame rate limiting effect, for all intents and purposes it would create a stop motion type effect on animations. I could create the animation this way in the DCC but I'd like the flexibility to apply this to animations inside of Unreal, change the playback speed and so on.

    My first thoughts on approaching this are to either:
    1) Create an animation blueprint that pauses the animation every other frame. Would this be possible, and if so could it retain motion vector / motion blur info?
    2) Create a material that can check the vertex world space positions of the previous frame and then world offset the verts by that amount to essentially move the mesh back a frame every 2nd frame. This sounds like a nightmare but maybe it's possible?

    For the second effect I'm needing to 'drag' verts that are accelerating backwards above a given threshold. These verts would then play more slowly through the animation. This would create a kind of toon motion blur effect similar to

    My thoughts on approaching this are that it might be more difficult to do this with animation blueprints (but maybe I'm wrong?) and that I'd need to use the material to measure the mesh velocity and then apply a displacement to the verts that accelerating backwards.

    I can see that one of these effects would affect the other, so for example if a vertexes velocity was being measured on a frame where the animation was essentially paused then the velocity would be 0.

    Hopefully this all makes sense and somebody can help to point me in the right direction as to how both effects can be achieved and run in unison? Many thanks