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OnRep Notify for plants Can be eaten and reduce CPU cycles is possible?

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    OnRep Notify for plants Can be eaten and reduce CPU cycles is possible?

    Hi all!!

    I have added some plants as new actors and followed the OnRep IsDead mechanic on a multiplayer survival game with a huge open world.

    So If the plant IsEaten OnRepNotify, the mesh changes to a plant with no leaves.
    Starts a timer and, after 20 seconds, then changes to the plant with leaves and let you eat them again.

    I have read that OnRepNotify dont rush over network but rush over CPU from server.
    I think I will populate a big open map multiplayer with lots of different plants.

    Would you use OnRep Notify method for them or will be too much for that?
    What method would you use?

    I started using Multicasts but new players and far away players should also know if that plant can be eaten so if that is the case and reach that place, they can not eat that plant.

    That drives me to my last question.
    Rama said you can reduce the times a variable updates when it replicates reducing Net Update Rate.
    Do you know if we can reduce the CPU cycles for OnRep Notify?

    Thanks a lot!

    Have a look at the "Replication Graph" plugin.

    You should not go crazy with optimization before you know where the problem is, but if it turns out to be a problem then you should consider making a "Bouquet" Actor containing plant components instead. The plant components should not be replicated but the "Bouquet" Actor manages a cluster of plants with replicated integer bitmasks.