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Motorbike help when applying wheels

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    Motorbike help when applying wheels

    hi all,

    so i am making a motorbike game in unreal. i have a bike with bones that i have imported from blender. So the bones are all pointed the same direction, and are correctly placed on the body and wheels. With the root being the main bone. Now every time I import it into unreal its fine. i have used a physics box for the main body but left the wheels so that the colliders or the wheels are on its own much like unity colliders. however every time i add the wheels to the bike the wheels still fall through the ground and more to the point dont work when playing even when i have the bike set it to move. i need help figuring out why this is happening.

    1. The wheels don't work and the bike wheels still fall into the ground
    2. The don't appear to be at the wheels at all
    3. Don't work with controls

    i would appreciate the help in how to set up a bike in unreal

    Have you created the tire configs and wheel blueprints for the front and back? I think I read somewhere also that a vehicle rig requires a minimum of 5 bones to work. Not sure how that relates to the bike. I would assume a bike could get away with just 3. one for the bike body, one for each tire. Also under your bike skeleton, open it up and down the left side look for section titled miscellaneous and turn on the force front Xaxis if its not turned on yet. Let me know if you need any more help.