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Unreal 4.22 - Is it possible to create an spherical landscape with UE?

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    Unreal 4.22 - Is it possible to create an spherical landscape with UE?

    Hi, i want to create spherical planets, but using any 3D software like Maya, Zbrush, etc has a hudge inpact on performance since a landscape require lots of details, hudge meses and textures. So, i wonder if instead of using other software.... how can i can use UE4.22 landscape tool to create an spherical landscape and sculpt it inside UE?

    Please help

    I imagine you want to do a space simulator with planets to explore. In ue4 is not possible to do spherical landscape but you to do it yourself. The problem about geometric complexity can be solved in 3ds max doing the normal you can add high details of the landscape on a copy of the landscape with low details. In any case you have to use level streaming to optimize the load on gpu.


      You Can do half a sphere with landscape design.

      Create a lanscape to start.
      Export the height field out to a file.

      In your preferred editor, white is hig black is low.
      start an srgb gray shade below white so you can have some mountains sculpt on the center too.

      You want to make a radial gradient between #000 and #ccc.

      You can then import it to the terrain and sculpt on it.

      it will be wierd, as mountains near the edges will sculpt horizontally. However - in a pinch at least - it can make an interesting way to still retain all the built in LODs and paint features the terrain allows for.

      Also, with some time and patience the source could be modified to change the terrain maker to make a sphere in the first place and sculpt using the baseline normal of the component as the Z...
      it would actually be a pretty cool plugin I think...