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(Questions) differences between UE4 blueprint language and C++ language

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    (Questions) differences between UE4 blueprint language and C++ language

    hello everyone (please pardon my grammar i type faster than i think)

    i am new to game development and programming ''ish'', but have always dreamed of making my own game.
    i have learn quite a bit so far in the world of 3d modeling, and animations. now i am wanting to dive into programming.
    Youtube has been my best friend in alot of this so far and schooling is out of the question being as i have a full time job and a family that i cant risk on a dream at least not yet.

    It feel very difficult to find a comprehensive and basic run down on UE4's blueprint system.
    there are alot of guides on C++ that go down to the fundamentals but not much for blueprints
    even Unreal's website guides kinda teach you as if you already know the fundamentals,
    and i often find my self lost asking question in my head like what is a function, or variable
    as it applies to scripting i really want to learn this well because if heard that 9/10ths of a games development is lots and lots of brain rattling programming
    if only someone invented a way to develop full fedge games like FPS, RPG's, and MMO's ext. with minimal need for programming lol

    my main question are UE4 Blueprint language the same as C++ language just ''remastered'' to give a visual node if not what is the blueprint language based off of?
    2.if #1 is true would would learning C++ give me almost a 1 to 1 understanding of what each node means and does and how it can apply to my game?
    3.if #1 is not true where should i start on the fundamentals so that i can understand the UE4 blueprint system or is all programming fundamentals the same across all languages ?
    4.can i make a RPG game stritcly with blueprints and it still function equel to a high end developed RPG game or at least close too assuming at this time i have a extremely good understanding of UE4 blueprints?