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[TUTORIAL] Solving Session 9999 Ping with 3 Plugins and no C++

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    [TUTORIAL] Solving Session 9999 Ping with 3 Plugins and no C++

    Plugins to Download and Install. (All of them have tutorial how to Install and Use.)

    Victory Plugin - (We will use the to get the Local IP Address)

    Advanced Session - (We will use the Advanced Session's Extra Settings to give the IP Address to Other Players to Ping)

    Ping Plugin - (This Plugin will only get the IP we already have and Ping it)


    How I did

    1 - First the Player save the IP Address locally when Game is open using the Victory Plugin. I re-parented the Players Controller from the Main Menu to the Victory PC(it don't change anything) and at the Begin Play it gets the IP Address(see the tutorial) and send to the Game Instance for example.

    2- The Host Create a Session with the Advanced Session and add at the Extra Settings with Make Literal Session Property String the IP Address saved before.

    3 - Now Client needs to Find the Session, use Get Extra Settings and use Get Session Property String with the same name to get IP Address.

    4 - With the IP Address of the Session saved you only need to use the Ping Plugin that will give you the Ping.