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    Blueprint Icon Meanings

    I searched the documentation, and the forums for an answer but could not find one, so I came to bother

    Each blueprint node has some associated icon(s). For example the italic f means function (seems to be at least), but there is a green one and a blue one.

    If some documentation exists on what these mean, please forward me there, otherwise, if you could at least tell me what the ones below mean, I'd really appreciate it.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	blueprintIcons.JPG Views:	1 Size:	8.2 KB ID:	1651599

    Just so I don't look like a tard, I can guess:
    Flowerpot: is instantiation (like a UML object), but that doesn't make sense because Flush Leaderboards doesn't return an instance of a flushed leaderboard.
    Computer with bolt: Client side stuff?
    Blue italic f: kind of like a procedure (it doesn't return anything)
    Server with bolt: Server side stuff?
    Green italic f: a real function because it contains a return mechanism
    Gear: I have no idea
    Clock: Something to do with time sensitivity?
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    Take a look here


      SouthBot I sincerely appreciate you helping out on this question. I was going to leave it dead in the water for quite a few weeks before I tried a friendly bump as it's not critical.

      That site definitely helps! I commented on the post and asked if the poster could provide more insight and provided the link to this forum entry.

      Thanks SouthBot