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Rama's Victory plugin for MacOS and 4.21

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    Rama's Victory plugin for MacOS and 4.21

    Hi all,

    I've recently been working on porting Rama's Victory plugin (here) to MacOS and 4.21. So far it seems to compile with no issues in a blank project and everything seems to be fine once in editor. I did not try packaging yet, but I figured I'd share the work since I haven't seen much on the subject out there.

    There are few functions that I had to disable to make it compile I kept track of them here. Finally, this plugin isn't ready for HTML5, IOS, Android nor PS4 (had issues with platform specific code). I will be working on that soon.

    VictoryPluginMac21 (GoogleDrive, 14MB)

    The version I built this from comes from the following quote and is sort of outdated (March 2014) so I'm unsure about how much stuff is missing compared to the latest version. If there's any particular feature you need, post it here I can try and add it to the plugin.

    Originally posted by Rama View Post
    Victory Plugin For Mac!

    Dear Community,

    Today is a happy day!

    I now offer a version of my Victory Plugin for Mac, including packaged binaries!


    New Download (50.21mb, Media Fire)

    Please note my downloads also include these packaged binaries:

    1. Win64 Development
    2. Win64 Shipping <~~~~~~ NEW!
    3. Win32 Development
    4. Win32 Shipping
    4. HTML5 Development

    Please see my instructions for Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game.


    Mac Editor and Packaged Game Binaries
    <~~~~~~ NEW!

    1. Mac Editor Build
    2. Mac Shipping (any architecture)
    3. Mac Development (any architecture)
    4. Source code!

    Victory Plugin For Mac (~14.22mb)


    Donations can be sent to me via: