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Line trace over material and make it partially disappear

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    Line trace over material and make it partially disappear

    I have been wracking my brain over this for the past few hours....

    It seems simple...I have a simple abstract type image like this:

    I want the user to be able to line trace over parts of it to make the color being line traced disappear. For example, they move the mouse or vr controller over the red, click, and all the red fades out to slowly reveal something behind it. Then they hover over the green and click, the green fades out to reveal more of what's behind, etc etc.

    How can I go about this? It seems really quite simple but I cannot figure out any way to get it done.

    I'm thinking the most logical way would be to build up the image by taking out one color and having the rest be alpha and using material layers or something....but that doesn't matter as the line trace doesn't pass through an alpha channel. So if I make a plane mesh with just the blue on it and another with just the's only seeing the plane mesh. It's almost as if I'd have to perfectly model the geometry of the shapes...but that would be nearly impossible to have it look decent.

    Thanks for any help!