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Bullet Holes via Render Target 2D issue.

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    Bullet Holes via Render Target 2D issue.

    Hello to you all guys!

    I have been following the guidance of this video tutorial (https :// aim is to create bulletholes via render targets. Although I did everything exactly, I couldn't achive the results; When I shoot the wall, raytraces and everything in the blueprint seems working. But it seems the polygon does not draw itself (I could be wrong but it gave me this impression). I am going to share the ss of blueprints and my static mesh at the end of the post.

    To put in a simpler way, my question is I do not know where did I do wrong, and will be very happy if someone tells me my mistake.

    P.S. I have already turned on the UV From Hit Results, and restarted my Engine.

    Thanks in advance!

    I finally found the source of the error. I just need to change the parameter name of my Texture Sample 2D in my STBH_Masking Material to MaskTexture, that solved the problem!