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Parameterizing events in new level sequencer

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    Parameterizing events in new level sequencer

    I have been playing around with the new 4.21 level sequencer recently, specifically the event tracks. It seems the new system severely limits the types of events that can be called from the sequencer. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or missing something.

    1. Is it possible to add parameters to events that can be modified on the keyframe within the sequence? I'm fairly certain this is a no, since the engine will not let you call an event that has additional parameters that aren't the object reference. Is there any workaround? This seems like a major limitation.

    2. Is it possible to forego the Sequence Director class? The old system allowed you to call events directly on actors by name, but now I have to create a bunch of unnecessary director function calls to just delegate the event to the actor itself. Even the official tutorial ( does this, and it just seems like bad practice for anything more than a few events.

    My intent was to use the level sequencer to sequence out some moderately complex gameplay features, but it seems like the new system will not work for this application.

    Posting this in the Blueprints forum since my question mainly pertains to events, but apologies if it is in the wrong place.

    It's sad you never got an answer as I am having the exact same issue.

    All I wanted was to disable player controls at the beginning of a sequence and re-enable it at the end. Then I saw I had to create two delegates and two functions ... not one direct function call in the controller with a simple boolean parameter as you would expect - and if I use 10 sequences, I need to make 20 delegates and custom events ... that can impossibly be how this is intendet to function?