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Need assistance with creating an interconnected sphere model

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    Need assistance with creating an interconnected sphere model

    Hello everyone,

    I hope someone can help me. I have really no idea where to start because I'm totally new to Blueprinting stuff in Unreal. Please be patient with me!

    What I'm trying to do:

    I want to create a system of spheres within a circle with relation to each other. (see the picture)

    Must have:

    - Softly moving spheres (x;y;z axis)
    - the complete "model" is rotating and moving slowly
    - ​​The spheres have relations to each other indicated with lines attached to each other and the same color
    - Parent spheres are always bigger then the children
    - Gather a group of spheres of the same type in a certain area

    Should have:

    - dynamically change the amount of spheres
    - dynamically change the color
    - switch the lines on/off

    Nice to have:

    - interactions with the system in VR

    Just to be clear. I don't want that YOU are doing the stuff for me!
    What I need is a direction to go. A link or a theme where I should do research. Or a topic in the documentation. Anythings helps!!!
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