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Difficulty Using Per Instance Fade Amount to Slowly Fade Foliage with Culling

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    Difficulty Using Per Instance Fade Amount to Slowly Fade Foliage with Culling

    I am having a heck of a time trying to make a simple material on my foliage fade out as it approaches its maximum cull distance. I have researched this problem as extensively as I know how and I haven't found anything that was helpful. The closest I got was this thread:

    I used the thread to create the following below. I am close but I am having some crazy visual glitches when the opacity on my trees are high. It doesn't have anything to do with the mesh itself as I tried on a default cube as well but it gave the same effect. Also not the lighting as I tried doing it in a default level and same effect. Surely there must be a simpler way to use the "Per Instance Fade Amount" node? For reference, my foliage is placed with the foliage tool on a simple floor and I have set its minimum cull distance to 2000 and its maximum cull distance to 10000 in the foliage settings.

    Material setup picture below.

    Here is a gif of the visual glitch I am getting:

    Oh, another super strange thing. When I am in the editor and just zooming around with the camera, the material fades out perfectly. Only when I PIE does it do this crazy visual glitch. Maybe that will help narrow down the issue.
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    what glitch are you talking about? Looks fine to me


      Maybe it is a little hard to tell from the gif. I will upload another vid when I get chance.

      The fade isn't smooth though. The trees have a crazy almost anti-aliasing looking problem. It looks terrible whenever the opacity is less than .8-ish. The problem is most evident when standing still.

      Another video link to glitch:
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