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What's wrong with my blueprint?

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    What's wrong with my blueprint?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to make a simple mechanic, but there's no way to make it work.

    I got my first person character and a door. Both of them have animations, one where the character pushes and another where the door pushes itself back, so if combined, they make a perfect animation.

    Here's the matter: my door is placed in the world, so the player enters the collision box and presses E for starting the animation and open the door. Somehow, the process I made for the character to get in position is not working.

    I placed an arrow in the door blueprint at the perfect distance where the character has to be. Once my timeline starts working and my player rotates and places correctly, just before the animation montage comes up, changes its rotation a bit to the right or a bit to the left.

    I've analyzed several times the blueprint and the mechanic, but there's no way to make it work consistently. Every try is a russian roulette! It may work, or not.

    I'd really appreciate some help from you guys,

    have a good day!

    What if you hook up Play From Start, rather than Play on the timeline ?


      That's confusing.
      you said both items have their own animations, but then you have a rotator... what's that in there for?

      imho, look up how to set up bone IK for the hands from the content example.
      make the volume of the trigger on the door barely larger then the door on both sides, just so the capsule intersects.

      Detect Onacttorbeginoverlap between the door (on the level BP probably) and the player.

      fire off the 2 respective animations scaled with IK for proper placement on keypress of E if the overlap event set a bool to true and flagged you in proximity of the door.

      With bone IK you don't really need much of an animation, you can just point your arm towards the door location with the same bool trigger as before with some simple 3rd grade distance math. Which basically you already have done on your current function...

      promote current distance math to variables, check the variables in the animbp and adjust hand position via IK.
      when keypress is true and actor was overlapping door.