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Find Locations along a wall/surface...

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    Find Locations along a wall/surface...


    This is slowly driving me crazy... I am trying to move four actors along the side of a wall. Its to find locations for a squad of four to take cover...

    I kind of got it working with a series of line traces, but its not ideal. It gives me some bugs which I am not sure how to fix...
    Wanted to know what your take on it might be?

    As you can see I want the actor to be as close to the mouse as possible, but on the ground if the cursor is on the wall. As long as the wall if straight, there is no problem, but the issues comes up in corners...
    As you can see, sometimes they end up on the wrong side of the wall, and sometimes way off the wall.

    The cover system is inspired by the old game Full Spectrum Warrior, and ideally I'd want it to work the same (video:
    So below are some images of it today.

    Any ideas?

    I thought I'd clarify a little bit. Its not a problem to make the first mesh move along the wall... What I do is that I take the cursor location, offset it by 50 from the wall, and do a line trace downwards to get the location...
    My problem is for the following 3 actors... I would like them to follow the first location, kinf of like a tail, but curving around corners etc...
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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you would have to plot their move to in a sequence to get them to follow a wall and stay in cover...