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Blueprint class question for modular physics machine

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    Blueprint class question for modular physics machine

    I am very new to Unreal and engines in general. Art / 3D background. I apologize for the newbie post but I have tried searching on my own.

    I did a hover vehicle tutorial ( and could follow the logic and concepts quite well. It has main Pawn Blueprint for the body of the vehicle and scene component for the 4 identical hover thrusters.
    I would like to extend from it by creating modular elements built both from physical objects and logic to a base hover vehicle.

    example I would like to practice with:
    A modular landing gear with simulated joints (just simple test with one joint and damping)
    Goal is to create one "leg" with a few variables and then add a few of those to the main vehicle with different values.

    1st question is what blueprint class should be used for this kind of element? I tried 1st Scene Component but it seems you cannot construct anything physical as a Scene Component Blueprint.

    When I built the leg as an actor class blueprint I was unable add it to main vehicle. (hinged arm [the leg really] object reference is not compatible with actor object reference)

    Any even small pointers will be appreciated. I will replicate later and try to get screenshots but would like to know in general if my approach is ok.