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"Clear" a player's forward momentum?

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    "Clear" a player's forward momentum?

    So I created a little launch pad blueprint. Nothing complex. Small flat static mesh for the visual of the pad, invisible bounding box for collision, and a vector variable you can drag around in the world. When the player touches the bounding box, use the "launch actor" (I think that's what it's called) to apply a velocity to the character, launching them in the direction/amplitude of the point vector. This is all well and good.

    My problem is if it is supposed to launch the player straight up, it also factors in the player's forward movement so they are launched at more of a 45 degree. The character would not be able to achieve this normally as they do not have much air control. I would like to add an editable boolean to say "clear player's momentum before launch" that I can work with inside the blueprint.

    When this is enabled, I want to treat the player as though they teleported on top of the launch pad rather than ran over it, launching them straight up, then they can move slightly while in the air. I'm sure this is possible but I can't seem to work out the correct terminology for what this would be called or where this would be categorized.

    Any idea what the function is called for that? I believe "Set velocity" was not an option.

    Edit: Aaaand I'm an idiot. The "Launch Character" function already has two booleans used for overriding the player's X/Y and Z velocities. Derp.
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