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Simple matinee question

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    Simple matinee question


    I created a matinee sequence with camera etc that ends at the location where the playerstart is.

    I'd like it that when the map/level starts, the matinee sequence plays fullscreen, and when it is ended, the player takes control with player start.

    When I play the map, the matinee plays, character remains invisible (which I want) until the matinee ends, and I can control the player.

    All of this is fine, but the camera of the matinee needs to play instead of the camera of the player character. The screen stays on the (now invisible player character), the matinee plays, and at it's end. The player character becomes playable.

    This is what I have atm:

    Level Blueprint:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gameintro.png
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Size:	128.6 KB
ID:	1138261

    Matinee with camera:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	track.png
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Size:	142.2 KB
ID:	1138274

    Map layout with location where the camera/matinee is at and starts. And the location of playerstart.
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    I added all available information


      You need to set your camera for Director track. Select the director track and hit enter, then pick the camera.
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        Yeah already realized I forgot the director track, it works perfectly fine now! thanks anyway