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Projectile not dealing damage properly / Character not processing damage properly

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    Projectile not dealing damage properly / Character not processing damage properly

    Hey, guys... So I've been having this weird problem... I'm working on a Third Person Shooter, I was doing some blendspaces and assets when I decided to add weapons and such... Long story short, I made a shotgun. It shoots projectiles and they deal damage ON HIT. On the wrong side of the barrel there are a bunch of NPCs running around whose damage processors are activated by EVENT ANY DAMAGE...

    The thing is... It is not working properly...

    You see, at first, I thought I was just a bad shot and I was missing my mark, so I decided to put notifications "Print String" on the Shotgun and for my surprise, I was hitting them every time, sometimes with all 8 pellets and the **** things just didn't die... Actually, they did die occasionally... Also, sometimes I just shot them at point blank and no notification...

    After this problem, I decided to put notifications on the receiving end of the damage so every time a NPC got damaged it would print a string telling how much remaining health it had... I did the same time on the projectiles so they would print the damage they dealt, but I was baffled with the results...

    Sometimes I would hit some NPC with 8 pellets and get 8 HIT NOFITICATIONS and still, the **** thing would not take the damage. Only occasionally the notification popped up and acknowledged it was hit and took some damage...

    I tried a lot of stuff, I tried setting ApplyDamage, ApplyPointDamage, ApplyRadialDamage, all ended up with the same results...

    Now for the weird part... After this I decided to use TimeDilation to see if the shots were going through and for my surprise, every time I shot them in slowmotion they took the damage perfectly, not a single pellets was ignored, but as soon as I reverted time back to normal, shots were going through without processing damage, hits without damage, all the weird stuff again...

    I'm reluctant to say UE4 can't handle processing eight fast moving projectiles at the normal speed, but given the results at slowmotion I don't know what else to think...

    Do you guys have any idea what may be causing this?
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    In the collision panel of the Bullet component click the advanced tab then check the CCD box.

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