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Swipe to Look, Tap to move, Two-Finger Shoot

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    Swipe to Look, Tap to move, Two-Finger Shoot

    Hi, I am creating the control scheme Swipe to Look, Tap to move, Two-Finger Shoot, that is all the rage with developers these days.

    My swipe to look is working fine, but when I try to implement the move to, it always gives me wierd problems, everything for facing wierd angles to having difficulty stopping it moving it, has anybody cracked this and have a BP that they could share?
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    Can you tell us more which problems you are facing?
    I remade a tap to move by using the top down bp and re-creating it in an First Person scene with a nav Path it works perfectly!
    Plus I'm trying to make a swipe to look but this is not working on my nexus when I cook could tell me your process for doing it?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S : If you want when I get back from work I will show you my BP