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    BP Optimization

    Hi, my name is Fabian and i'm working on VR for mobile projects (Gear VR) and everythings has to be the most optimized for best performances possible, everythings count.

    It is probably a stupid question but i have to get an answer :

    - In blueprint, is there a difference (i mean, optimization) between one connection of a node VS multiple connection of the same node ?
    See attached pictures.

    - And how good is to nativize BP ? Is there a real performance impact ?

    Thank you

    No difference except when viewing the blueprint in editor.


      No difference in performance.
      But watch such code, every time value is taken from variable it is updated exact moment it is taken. So if you update it in one of upper places of such graph, everything below will take new value.
      This may lead to weird errors, hard to debug.


        Ok thank you very much,

        I prefer to have multiples instances of a singlevariable too, more clear