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Can't trigger a triggerbox

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    Can't trigger a triggerbox


    I would like to put a triggerbox on the Zen Garden project from the market place.
    My problem that it is not triggered, because it seems to be the camera moving and not a character (fps or tps).
    Even with this blueprint the trigger box doesn't seems to work. Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Doesn't look like an overlap event for a trigger box to be honest. Looks like you either created a binding or a custom event of some sort. Those need to be "called". If you need help with overlap events check out this video I go into great detail about how they work. To use a trigger box you would just be in the level BP and use the generic "on overlap (trigger box)" event.

    You may also be interested in this series if you are just getting started in blueprints, it will give you a nice foundation of how they work if you are having other difficulties.