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    Combo Attack "Window"

    I added some combo attack functionality in my game, the player can perform a 3 hit combo if he attacks at a particular time if not it will stop halfway through. Basically the whole combo is an anim montage with 3 different sections and will go the next section if the player has attacked.


    The problem I have is that I've got it coded right now the player needs to be perfect and press the spacebar exactly 0.4 seconds after a section has played. I want to add a window so in a range (maybe 0.4-0.7 seconds) the player can move onto the next section. How do I go about doing this?

    This a snippet of my blueprint, but as you can see after the delay is finished (which is 0.4 seconds) the player has a very small window to enter the gate (its gotta be frame perfect). I want to increase that window but I'm stumped.

    Click image for larger version

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    Swap your Enter and Open nodes, basically.

    Have the window open the gate, then delay, then close the gate. Then have the melee input ENTER the gate, i.e. the melee input can pass thru the gate if the window is open and the delay hasn't closed it again.

    Though FWIW I would instead do it completely differently. I would use MontageSetNextSection so that if you press melee during one part of a montage, it queue's the next hit of the combo to play after the anim is finished. That way the inevitable 90% of the playerbase that mashes the attack button can perform the combo, but you don't have to worry about one anim cancelling the other.